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Next Extreme Demon Streams
I am planning on starting my next hardest extreme demon later this week. I will start streaming it on YouTube probably Friday. I have decided that I am going to start playing Zodiac. Come check out the streams on Friday!
Falcon16 Streams
As I have said many times on YouTube streams and on Discord, my streams for Falcon16 are moving to Twitch!! People keep saying I never told them! Seriously! Come check out my Twitch!
Streams and 12 Demons of Christmas
I am moved in! My streams are semi-regular now again. But as for 12 Demons of Christmas, the first few will be a little late but they are coming! That is all! Also thanks for 800 subs! Bye!
Move-In Date
Some news here... We are going to try and move in this next weekend coming up here. Please give me a couple weeks to start streams again but I should be back before christmas. Just DM me on Discord if you have any questions! Bye!
Stupid News
I'm so sorry guys, but I don't know when I'll be back. We are waiting on the gas meter or whatever it's called and then we can sign and start moving in. I'll keep y'all updated like usually. I'm so sorry. Bye.
Positively GOOD NEWS!!
This has been the best news I have heard since I started moving out to Wyoming! We have a closing date confirmed for my new house and I'll be able to move in as early as November 17!! I was really hoping I wouldn't have to delay the stream return date again but I should be good to come back right after Thanksgiving! I am so excited!! See you soon!
Possibly Bad News
Hey! So, today I sadly found out that it may not be the November 15 I get to move in, but I hope I get to move in within a couple days of that! It is not us that it is me and my family that are delaying this, it is who we will be renting from that keeps delaying the move in date. I'll keep ya'll updated! Bye!
Upcoming Videos
Just thought I'd let everyone know some of my plans for videos before I start streaming again... Or in other words I'm in class with all of my stuff done and have nothing better to do so here we are! So, I am planning on getting a video up of a Tidal Wave practice run up and hopefully one of a surprise extreme practice run and after that I'll be working hard on the 12 Demons of Christmas. Here was my update for the day. I'll see everyone later! Can't wait to see everyone when I return! Bye!
Streams Returning!
Hey! So... I've got good news and bad news. It would make the most sense for me to start with the bad news here so here it is: The streams returning has once again been delayed seen as I can't move in as early as wanted. But the good news is I have an exact date! Streams will be returning on November 25 and the first stream back will be a level request stream! Can't wait to see you all again!
Extreme Plans for 2023
Just wanted to let everyone know what my plans are for extreme demons for the rest of 2023! I am hoping to very soon get my completion of AcropoliX. I seriously have 95% on it with 8 90%+ deaths. I am also wanting to do Astral Divinity and if I still have time after that before I have to really buckle down on the 12 Demons of Christmas, I would absolutely love to go for Chromatic Haze. See everyone soon! Bye!
Streams + Website Returning
Hey! It's Emi! I just wanted to go over a couple things here. First of all, most of you have noticed I am not longer "Platoneom". This is because I did some rebranding and I really like the name "Emi" so I went with "Emi [GD]" as a new channel name. Next, as you can see my website is back up! Somewhat... I am still working on it but I think it is actually going very well. Finally, streams should be returing very soon. Unless something goes terribly wrong, I should be live within 2 weeks of me making this post. Well, that's all I have to say right now, I'll see everyone later! Bye!